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Valentino Shoes things into storage

Le 11 April 2016, 07:50 dans Humeurs 0

On May 24, 2014, my fiancu00e9, Andy, and I got married in New York City. A week later, we hopped on a plane with two carry-on suitcases and two one-way tickets to Paris. We had just pressed pause on our careers, sublet our apartment, and moved all of our Valentino Shoes things into storage. The only plan was to have no plans at all u2014 and we ended up traveling for 394 days through 25 countries, stopping in nearly 100 destinations. Over the next few weeks, come along on this crazy journey to learn more about how we did it u2014 packing, plotting, budgeting u2014 and see some of the tens of thousands of photos we took along the way.

So where did we leave off? We had just made it to Sweden, our northernmost destination in Europe. Early in our trip, we learned that you can travel freely (meaning on one visa and without border checks) across the countries within the Schengen area in Europe. The only catch is that we had to be out of Europe in 90 days. Knowing that, we were able to book our transportation Valentino Shoes On Sale and accommodations in advance for Morocco, the first country we would visit outside of Europe. From Stockholm, we hopped on a flight back to France to meet my parents. After France, we decided to spent the last 10 of our 90 days in Spain.

As in Sweden, we lost our drive to be super-tourists and photograph our every waking moment in Spain. We the left the camera at home as we soaked up the energy in the streets of Madrid and went tapas bar hopping at night. We were floored by the beauty of Granada, nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, got lost in the lavish Alhambra palace, and watched authentic flamenco dancers perform at night. Our final stop in Spain was the southern, coastal town of Tarifa, where we could see a mountainous, never-ending mass of land across the ocean in the distance. It was hard to believe it was actually Africa. Thereu2019s only a short, hourlong ferry ride separating the two continents. 

Valentino Shoes riffs on sequin

Le 11 April 2016, 07:44 dans Humeurs 0

The sequin movement is far from over, having been spotted on everything from leggings and shorts to nautical striped sweaters and most recently at Louis Vuitton's spring '11 show. And now, the reflective sequins takes a dramatic turn, transitioning into our favorite obsession-worthy beauty accessory: holiday nail polish collections</strong>. Over the top, party-ready nails are coming up big for the holiday season, and we're ready to get glitzy. These Valentino Shoes riffs on sequin-flecked style go from sweet to edgy with the requisite shades of red, green, frost and multi-color to eye-popping metallics and deep blue and purple shades of sparkle, proving that glittery nails are sassy, fun, and&mdash:yeahu2014a bit campy. So here's to everything sparkling, shimmering, and glitter-fied. It gets us every time.